Transition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s Your Question?

The Transition Team wants to answer your questions about our church’s transition as Pastor Paul prepares to retire in February, 2018.

We will answer those questions here, as well as in the newsletter each month and also on the Transition Team bulletin board in the narthex.

Please submit your questions to any Transition Team member, Church Council member, or email

Q: Where do I get a full copy of the timeline?

A: The timeline in the Narthex is a high level view of key transition and congregational events. We are in the process of updating the timeline with information from the recent Leadership Retreat and expect to have the new timeline posted in the near future. In addition, for those who are interested, a detailed timeline with all events related to the transition will be available on a table near the bulletin board.

Q: What is the difference between in Intentional Interim Pastor (IIP) and a Call Pastor?

A: An Intentional Interim Pastor (IIP) provides a bridge when a congregation has experienced a long-term pastorate and needs to create a bridge between the old and new. An IIP will serve King of Kings for about a year, prior to the selection of the next Call pastor. The role of the IIP includes preaching God’s Word; providing leadership, support, and mentoring to our leadership team through modeling and training; leading the regular meetings of the church while providing unity among the leadership team; acting as a liaison with the Synod and the ELCA; and performing general Pastoral duties as requested. An IIP signs a contract with our congregation and is compensated the same as the Pastor, including benefits and other expenses.

IIP candidates for our congregation can come from the Lutheran tradition or from any of our Ecumenical partners. Candidates will be vetted by the Bishop’s office and interviews will be conducted by the IIP Search Team (which will be formed by June, 2017) and the Church Council. It is our intention to have an IIP in place on February 1, 2018. At this point, we don’t know if this will be a full-time or part-time position.

A Call Pastor becomes the permanent Pastor of our congregation. Candidate names are provided by the Bishop’s office to the Call Pastor Search Team (which will be in place by mid year 2018) and the Council. Candidates are interviewed by these groups and they will listen to candidates preach. Once a finalist is determined, that person preaches a sermon at King of Kings and the congregation has an opportunity to vote and offer a pastoral call to that finalist.

Q: What if we don’t like the IIP?

A: The IIP will serve our congregation for a specific period of time under contract, and the leadership style of the IIP may be different from the current Pastor. If a serious issue develops, language in the contract signed between the IIP and the Church Council allows either party to break the contract.

If you have other questions, please reach out to any Church Council member (Barb Winkel, Niel Zuern, Doug Keim, Pat Lebel, Alison Woytowich, or Jenna Wysokowski) or

any Transition Team member (Chris Jordan, Howie Mansfield, Jerry Holland, Julie
Yoder, Barb Nies, Anna Salem, Steve Miller, or Anita Leitgeb).

Thank you for your continued prayerful support of the work of the Transition Team and Church Council as this process moves forward!