Mission Experiences

The Senior High Youth left in July 2017 for Washington, DC, for their annual mission trip.

Each month we will feature one youth’s views of their experience.  This time it’s from Jake Draper.

“How can I honestly be expected to only pick one high of the week?  With so many of them to choose from?  I think I’ll go with one that I think we can all relate to.

A silent car ride.  You know what I mean?  Everyone’s listening to their own taste of music, except the driver, cuz he only has like three or four CDs in the car.  It’s that kind of quiet, and nobody’s talking to each other.

Then, my Spotify playlist starts to play a good song.  You might know it.  Pastor certainly knows it, and we listened to all 18 minutes and 48 seconds of it.  All the earbuds came out and all attention is drawn to the sound of Alice’s Restaurant Massacree by Arlo Guthrie.  If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a pretty good, and long story.  So, you’ll probably want to listen to it when you’re not busy.  Maybe when you’re writing one of these essays or whatever.  And, we weren’t busy in the car ride home, so we cranked it and enjoyed!  It woke up Pastor, and made the car feel alive again.

It goes to show you how people will listen when out of the silence comes a loud enough voice to educate, to entertain, or to just talk.  Just remember that the song has a four- or five-part harmony and to sing it when the guitar comes around:  “You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant!”