Photo Page

In May, our every-three-years-or-thereabouts Heart’s Desire Auction was held at King of Kings.  As always, part of the proceeds are given to local not-for-profits or charities.  This year, Maureen’s Hope, The Salvation Army, and St. Paul’s Food Pantry each received $1,000.  Thanks so much for everyone’s generosity!


Pastor Paul’s retirement picnic was held in the pavilion on October 1st.  It was a beautiful, sunny day with a large attendance.  Fun was had by all!


On August 13th, instead of a Children’s Sermon, Pastor sent them outside to pick apples off our trees.  Do you think anyone missed that sermon?


The Sunday School garden is coming along very nicely.  We thought we planted winter squash back in May–oops, turns out to be summer squash.  Still tastes good though!


The Senior High Youth enjoyed their 2017 Mission Trip to Washington, DC, in July.


The annual Volleyball Tournament was held March 10th & 11th at Syracuse University. The total raised was over $5,800 for Lutheran Charities.  Fun was had by all.  Of course, the adults paid the price–it took them days to recuperate.


This year’s Advent Workshop was a little different than in years’ past.  Not only did the children get to make ornaments for our sanctuary Christmas tree, but the adults helped them to color murals.  What fun for all!


Our 10th annual Thanksgiving Dinner was our biggest ever!  Not only were we all thankful, but also filled with plenty of food and blessings.